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  1. The instrumentation is the best of any Pink Floyd album. I also enjoy the political lyrics where each of them animals represent a class or role in society. Bottom text. Truly the best of Pink Floyd. The instrumentation of Animals is the best of any Pink Floyd album. Just listen to .
  2. Oct 14,  · Just found out the Deutschlandhalle Berlin gig from 29th January (European Animals Tour) is indeed a soundboard recording. But only the first half of the show 'survived'. So, technically the full Animals album performed live is on tape. As I listened to it, .
  3. CD, but if you can't do that, this live performance is pretty solid as well. Roger Waters, Live in Radio City: Good-Excellent: Pros And Cons*, Variety: This is another Radio broadcast, done by RW on his solo tour of PACOHH. It's got songs from Pink Floyd as well, and the whole performance is super energetic and awesome. Delicate Sound of.
  4. Pink Floyd recorded precious few of their shows during their peak, and (they claim) everything has been released. A lot of the production side of Floyd contains some odd elements, like Roger's claim that there is no clean mix (without sound effects and dialogue) of the song versions from the Wall film and the lack of video from the mid-Seventies tours.
  5. Mar 11,  · Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (UG Score ) may be an iconic album, but it was originally a different beast from the version we got on vinyl. Before hitting the studio, the Floyd toured an.
  6. PINK FLOYD THE TORINO SOUNDBOARD PART 3 12" Vinyl Picture Disc LP #DB SBM-3 UK Import Track Listing: Side A - 1. Us And Them 2. Money 3. Another Brick In The Wall Side B - 1. Comfortably Numb 2. Hey You 3. Run Like Hell New Condition - Never Played Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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