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  1. Little Snowflake brings together the same team that created the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star video to tell a short story of a snowman brought to life by the magic and beauty of snowfall. As he tries to ice skate, he learns the value of perseverance and teamwork. Along the way, we get to learn and review Read more».
  2. This Super Simple Song is the perfect tool to encourage kids to tidy up! Great for in the classroom or at home, this musical cue to chip in and lend a helping hand works like magic!
  3. "Pure and Simple" is a song by British pop group Hear'Say, the winners of the UK version of Popstars. It was a cover of the original version recorded three years earlier by English-Dutch girl group Girl Thing, who were dropped from BMG before the song was given to Hear'Say. It was written by Pete Kirtley, Tim Hawes and Betty Boo (under her real name, Alison Clarkson).
  4. Here's a simple song Won't stop the rain from coming down Or your heart from breaking Here's a simple song It's never gonna turn this day around Stop the earth from shaking It is just a simple song Nothing right or wrong You can sing along if you want to Well, I know it's far from simple But simple ain't worth worryin' about Yeah, I know, I know.
  5. It's a sound of a slow simple song Finally saved some money up 'Til I had to fix my truck Talked to brother the other day He didn't have too much to say Tryna quit these cigarettes I can't seem to kick em yet Sister got laid off last fall And I got high cholesterol But I love my life Man it's something to see It's the kids and the dogs and you.
  6. Super Simple Songs Listen “Yes, I Can!” is a Super Simple song that introduces animal vocabulary, action verbs, and the phrases, “Can you___?” and “Yes, I can.

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