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  1. The Victims' Game is a Taiwanese Netflix original series starring Joseph Chang, Ann Hsu and Jason Wang. The plot revolves around the forensic scientist with Asperger's syndrome Fang Yi-jen (Joseph Chang) and the investigative journalist Hsu Hai-yin (Ann Hsu), investigating a case involving Fang Yi-jen's daughter.
  2. A Phrase used mostly by defenders of A " including the scraping out of th A [day of remembrance of the victims F Know any victims of the Amazon Ech A Swing shifts boost profits and rui F professional victims A No one helps/is helping the victims. F Victims of Personal Violence Offences.
  3. 12 synonyms of victim from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 20 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for victim.
  4. victim definition: 1. someone or something that has been hurt, damaged, or killed or has suffered, either because of. Learn more.
  5. victim: [noun] one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent: such as. one that is injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions. one that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment. one that is tricked or duped.
  6. 2 days ago · A Massachusetts family has found a patriotic way to honor coronavirus victims. For every person in the state who dies from the virus, the Labbe family in Grafton has planted a flag in their front.
  7. The Department works to ensure crime victims are aware of their rights with regard to the parole process. To that end, the Department has established the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA), which is responsible for ensuring victims are aware of their rights regarding the parole process, and affording them an opportunity to be heard in connection.

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